Advanced Support: Taking the complexity out of VPS hosting

While VPS hosting offers higher performance and greater flexibility than let’s say, shared hosting, it requires more maintenance and proper configuration to keep your site and server healthy, optimized, and secure.

The key is hands-on monitoring – for example, regular checks on load times, disk space, memory, uptime, and the health of processes like Apache and/or MySQL. If you have the time and skills in-house, this isn’t an impossible task.  

But not everyone has the bandwidth or the technical know-how to do all this. And that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Media Temple’s Advanced Support subscription is made to take the burden of VPS setup and ongoing monitoring and maintenance off your shoulders. Previously known as CloudTech, an Advanced Support subscription is like having the chops of an in-house system administrator without the extra non-billable hours.

Your Advanced Support subscription comes with a dedicated team of technical experts monitoring your site and server 24/7/365. They’ll alert you of any hiccups, and – if trouble arises – they’re always on-call to help resolve the toughest of issues. Beyond that, the Advanced Support team is ready to perform key technical services as needed, like web application installations and server tuning – ensuring everything is set up correctly and running as fast as possible.

With an Advanced Support subscription, you get all of the above and more. Our Advanced Support experts have been specially trained to help you navigate, monitor, maintain, and optimize your VPS server. 

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