Dec 5, 2022 News

A New Chapter For Media Temple

For the past 24 years, Media Temple dedicated itself to serving the needs of the digital creative community. Thus, our mantra—for creatives, by creatives.  This mantra led to our decision that now is the time to retire the Media Temple brand and fully integrate into GoDaddy.

Since joining GoDaddy, we worked hand-in-hand with them to incorporate the best of Media Temple into offerings, including improving GoDaddy’s customer experience and leveraging Media Temple’s unique expertise on what it truly means to run a world-class hosting organization. If you closely examine GoDaddy’s hosting offerings, you will find Media Temple’s fingerprints all around. From specialized teams who deal with complex hosting issues to programs like GoDaddy Pro specifically targeting creatives, Media Temple made its mark on GoDaddy.

In retiring the Media Temple brand and transitioning your account to GoDaddy, we expect to build on the foundation of Media Temple to deliver the best experience for a new generation of creative digital enthusiasts committed to pushing the community forward through innovation in both technology and design. 

 With GoDaddy, you gain access to GoDaddy’s extensive suite of products and services tailored to meet your needs and provide the best experience for your customers. To ensure you can take full advantage of these new products, GoDaddy offers around the clock world-class, award-winning support as well as a full-featured, self-service customer control panel.

As a GoDaddy customer, you will retain your current products and pricing for equivalent products with access to many more tools, such as GoDaddy Payments, Digital Marketing Suite and GoDaddy’s Hub Dashboard allowing for better management of projects and clients.

What you need to know:

Starting in Feb 2023, all Media Temple accounts, along with their products and services, will become GoDaddy accounts. No action is required from you for the transition. We took great measures to provide a seamless transition and minimize any disruption to your business and hosting. Once we are ready to migrate your account, you will receive a 60-day notice with subsequent reminders. For more information, please visit our Customer Migration FAQ page.

While the decision to retire the Media Temple brand was not one we took lightly, it was made with your best interest in mind. Whether you are a seasoned web professional responsible for a portfolio of high-profile accounts or host a personal site about a passion project, as GoDaddy we will continue to provide you with all the tools and support creatives require. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and be a part of your community over the years. We are excited to continue serving you as GoDaddy. 

About the Author Joseph Palumbo is consumed with how technology influences our daily lives. Formerly of Apple, Rackspace and Cisco, as well as a number of startups, Joseph has spent half of his career helping customers make sense of new technology and the other half learning from customers how to build new technologies that solve real-world problems. More by this Author