Agency Panel Webinar Replay: Planning for a Rebound

The COVID-19 outbreak has fundamentally changed the way agencies work. While the pandemic has affected every agency differently, one thing is certain for all: It’s crucial to plan for what will follow.

As your agency is going through changes related to the pandemic, we at Media Temple want to provide you with the resources and insights you need to help save or sustain your business, to set you up for success after the crisis is over.

We put together a live, panel-style agency webinar led by thought-leaders across the creative and agency communities to speak about Planning for a Rebound During a Market Pause. Our experts will help guide you through planning for your people, your clients, and your work both during and after the pandemic.

This webinar aired Tuesday, May 27, 2020 from 11- 11:45 PDT.




Planning for your people.

◼ How is your agency evolving to support your team in the current climate?

◼ How do you think resource models will change in the future based on the appetite for project work and the volume of top freelance talent available?

Planning for your clients.

◼ Have you found new and successful ways to work with your clients during this time period?

◼ As we emerge from the market pause, do you believe you will continue to work this way?

◼ How might the new and successful ways you identified affect the pitch process moving forward?

Planning for your work.

◼ What are clients asking for now that they weren’t asking for 30 days ago?

◼ What work types are you preparing for?



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About the Author Since 2009, Lilly Crick has guided Media Temple’s involvement in creative and agency communities, including a decade of SXSW closing parties. Lilly is a wrangler of children, dogs, a husband, tortoises, engineers, and just about anything else that needs organizing. More by this Author