Rethinking Holiday Campaigns in a New Era

It’s prime time for prepping holiday campaigns, and it’s also one of the most uncertain times we’ve all ever been through. So, how are brands and agencies thinking about the busiest consumer season of the year in the context of a pandemic? Where are they investing their efforts in gaining attention and sales in this final quarter of 2020?

To discuss their unique experiences, we gathered panelists from across industries: gaming, music, and health & wellness.

Meet Your Presenters: Josh Crick (Co-Founder at Hearty), Beth Heidt (VP, Head of Global Entertainment Relations at Gibson), Matt Lebo (Director of Marketing and Brand at Sports Research), Ryan Fitzpatrick (SVP, Gaming + Esports at NCompass)

A few of the standout insights from the session:

Deemphasizing the Get

There’s more of a focus on using the products – not a focus on getting them or the act of getting them. Let’s focus on creating opportunities for you to use the product and create more community around the usage of the products and attach retailers to that.

– Ryan Fitzpatrick

Embracing the Virtual Experience

Many of my colleagues would have argued, “No way, you have to go in [to a store to buy a high-end guitar].” Even with a higher price point, we’re finding everyone’s much more comfortable making the purchase decision online, which opens up more campaigns from a social perspective – showing up where our fans are.

– Beth Heidt

Changing the Storytelling

[Health & wellness has] brands out there that are going way more lifestyle. In past years, everything was a 50-something on my TV screen talking about how to cure whatever it may be. It’s nice to see some life being put into the space.

– Matt Lebo

Interacting with the Consumer

We were historically much more B2B. We started focusing on our D2C. Not only providing our product where our fans expect us to be, it’s been about talking to the consumer on a regular basis. Giving them what they want from an entertainment perspective helps to grow that love.

– Beth Heidt

Challenging Traditional Timing

Peloton goes to show that it doesn’t matter when you run a campaign, as long as the campaign is good. It was fantastic to see what they were able to do that went against the norm: Launching something in December as a gift. Because the hot time [for health & wellness typically] would be January through March.

– Matt Lebo

Delivering Unrecognized Needs

It’s about trying to figure out what the consumer’s unrecognized needs are and thinking if that’s what you can deliver against. We refer to it as “once-in-a-lifetime moments.” That’s where you build true brand loyalty.

– Ryan Fitzpatrick


Thanks to our panelists for sharing their insights and to everyone who attended. Watch the full webinar at the top of this post, and keep an eye on the Media Temple blog for our next webinar.

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