Step Forward with Plesk Obsidian

As a DV Managed customer running Plesk Onyx on your VPS hosting, you know how important it is to have functionality and user-friendliness in your server management platform. Plesk’s latest version, Obsidian, is now available and comes with several great benefits.

New Look and Feel – Obsidian has an overhauled, modernized user-interface that includes new fonts and colors, appearance, and behavior to elevate your user experience.

Simplified Server and Website Management – An improved experience now lets you work on all of your websites on a single screen or deal with each site one by one, as a list, or as a group. You can also move your domains between subscriptions. Obsidian also comes with file manager improvements, allowing you to be more productive with mass uploads and file search. 

Better Out of the Box – Obsidian helps you save time by giving you a more robust, more powerful, and better communicated out-of-the-box web stack and platform through improved deployment capabilities and developer friendly tools. It also allows you to manage your PHP project dependencies with ease and gives you greater control on your server-side operations.

Integrated Security – This release includes an overhauled protection system with predefined settings that protect you from the most common website attacks and malicious users. With past Plesk releases, users had to proactively turn on security features. Now, it’s all active by default. Obsidian’s integrated security also includes mail security improvements, advanced monitoring, email auto-discovery, an SSL extension, and a repair kit to automatically detect and resolve issues.

The video below shows you some of Plesk’s newest features.

To upgrade and begin using Obsidian, head to the Plesk control panel on your DV Managed hosting service. These instructions will walk you through the rest.

Media Temple’s Managed VPS hosting solution with Plesk Obsidian is ready for all of your projects, providing easier server management and an improved security experience. Learn more about VPS hosting.

About the Author Mike is a product manager at Media Temple, with a strong expertise in hosting, virtual private servers, and the cloud. More by this Author