The Media Temple Table Tennis Invitational - Round IV

Is it too far of a stretch that a great party (and our deep tie to agencies) is a Media Temple tradition? There’s evidence everywhere, but take a look at our latest Table Tennis Invitational, hosted the beloved Paddle Room in the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, that was our way of b.


To kick things off, SoDA (aka the Society of Digital Agencies) hosted one of their monthly SoDA Sessions, titled Embracing the Future Through Design. The four panelists brought in depth insights to some of the issues and challenges that agencies face on a daily basis with a particular focus on preparing for current and future digital transformations and how to foster productive relationships with clients and coworkers.


The fun had already begun, and the competition followed soon after. 64 teams lined up to bring home the title of Table Tennis champion. Costumes were a plenty, with World Cup enthusiasts, the Incredibles, and more bringing a colorful vibrancy to the vicious backhands, ghost serves, and terminal velocities that stretched across each table. In an epic final match, Pinscreen managed to triumph over the perennial contenders, Red Interactive, to take home the trophy. Congratulations to all!


So, is it too far of a stretch that a great party is a Media Temple tradition? Is that even a question? Check out the photos below.














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