Enhanced Security with Amazon GuardDuty on Managed AWS from Media Temple

Managed Services on AWS from Media Temple now supports enhanced security through Amazon GuardDuty, with intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring.

Amazon GuardDuty protects your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment by detecting unexpected behavior in your account or services. When a server issue is identified, your 24/7 Support team will be alerted and can work with you immediately on a resolution. For less-critical issues, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can set up a regular cadence with you to review findings and schedule remediations. Automatic remediation steps can also be developed to resolve findings as soon as they’re discovered, using AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch Events and AWS Lambda.

In addition to providing threat insights into your account and services, enhanced security with GuardDuty can also assist you with reaching common types of compliance, such as SOC2 certification. Your Media Temple CSM and Support teams can work with you to define incident response times which meet your compliance needs, while a centralized dashboard gives you full access to all findings. Our hands-on approach can help you meet your threat intelligence compliance needs with the level of support you expect from our Managed Services on AWS team.

If you would like Media Temple to deploy Amazon GuardDuty into your AWS environment, please submit a ticket with our Support team or contact your Media Temple Customer Success Manager.  Media Temple will review your AWS account details and deliver an estimate of costs before launching GuardDuty into production.

Customer Testimonial


BeSmartee helps lenders deliver a completely digital mortgage experience to consumers that is easy, fast and transparent. Their white-labeled, self-serve experience can take borrowers and originators from application to appraisal in minutes. “Security and compliance are critical essentials for BeSmartee, to protect our customer data and keep them in compliance with regulatory changes,” states Joshua Presley, Director of Information Security at BeSmartee. “The advanced security provided with Media Temple’s Managed AWS offering through Amazon GuardDuty, allows us visibility into security events, as well as potential issues taking place across our AWS infrastructure. We can classify threat types based on severity level, meet SOC2 compliance when mandated, and increase our overall security posture on production and non-production systems. I’m pleased with the solution and what it offers BeSmartee and our customers.”

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