AWS-Powered, Enterprise-Grade WordPress Hosting by Media Temple

For almost 20 years, our mission has been to leverage our people-powered solutions and services to allow enterprises and the agencies that support them to spend more time running their businesses and less time managing their servers. Last year, after expanding our managed WordPress hosting solution, we introduced managed cloud services for Amazon Web Services (AWS). But we weren’t (and aren’t) done.

Today, leveraging our own market research combined with feedback from the WordPress community and our pilot program participants, we’re unveiling Enterprise WordPress, a new WordPress offering that uniquely combines: the best of managed WordPress, AWS, 24/7 premium technical support, as well as dedicated account management via our all-new (mt) One service. Tailored to enterprises and agencies that need high-end support and unbeatable uptime, Enterprise WordPress is the first mission-critical WordPress solution that meets and exceeds enterprises’ business continuity needs – and this is how:

1. Industry-Leading Support

Because enterprises are expecting support that is just as good as the technology underneath it, our Enterprise WordPress hosting solution provides customers with a holistic support partnership that is focused on the success of their business rather than just the 1s and 0s of their site or app. It’s backed by our award-winning technical support team, CloudTech Premier. Our seasoned cloud architects and sysadmins not only proactively monitor site performance and security around the clock, but they also handle backup and disaster recovery. Sites and apps couldn’t be in more expert hands.

2. White Glove Account Management: (mt) One

In addition to CloudTech Premier, our new WordPress offering comes with (mt) One, Media Temple’s new all-access pass to a dedicated team of executive-level account managers that ensures that all websites and apps are operating at peak performance, and conduct business reviews to discuss any upcoming high-traffic events. One phone call is all it takes for (mt) One customers to reach their dedicated account manager, who is available 24/7 to answer all their questions and solve their problems while proactively adding value to any business driven by our customers’ WordPress sites by serving as their advocates. They can, for example, provide comparative data to help choose between complex firewall or security options (whether offered by Media Temple or not), recommend a web designer or developer to assist with a particularly difficult application problem, and even go over different AWS-powered options for projects that wouldn’t necessarily require WordPress hosting.

3. Unbeatable Performance and Scalability

About that technology: Enterprise WordPress takes advantage of the latest and greatest in cloud technology. Our two new plans’ unique elastic architecture leveraging Docker containers, which allows auto-scaling in seconds rather than minutes, thus enabling sites to quickly scale up during demand spikes and down when needed. Additionally, each plan is on a fully dedicated AWS environment, meaning both resources and speed are free from any external risks.

4. Lightning Speed and Rock-Solid Reliability

We have poured all of our years of experience with load balancing and server performance into making Enterprise WordPress’ architecture the best there is in the industry. To ensure 24/7 availability and continuous access across every site, each site is built on redundant systems with no single points of failure across multiple data centers. Additionally, both plans leverage CloudFront, Amazon’s powerful global content delivery network (CDN), to ensure lightning-fast load times via page and object caching. Simply put, there is no WordPress architecture more reliable.

5. Iron Vault Security

We take security very seriously, which is why both of our Enterprise WordPress plans boast top-notch security. The core parts of WordPress cannot be edited while in production as all sites are built in a container-based environment with all code changes deployed from a secure alternate environment accessible only by customers. This separation of production and deployment environments reduces the chance of common WordPress exploits. Also, Amazon’s CloudFront adds yet another layer of safety by providing DDoS protection against SYN flood and DNS amplification attacks.

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About the Author Alex Alabbas is a Senior Email and Content Marketing Manager at Media Temple. Alex has a diverse scope of content expertise in industries ranging from media and entertainment, market research and technology. More by this Author