And our winner is...

In the month of February we ran a contest to win a chance to meet the web development guru himself, Chris Coyier. We encouraged every contestant to submit why they want to meet Chris.

We learned a lot about web developers over that month, many of whom are already our customers, and we have to admit: You all are as hilarious as you are clever. Here’s some of our favorites:

“[We] desperately needs a top-flight expert developer to help us drink our beer. We also need Chris’s help to Make Our CSS Great Again (we are now forced to Make Things Great Again). How many tabs are too many? What’s the best way to animate an SVG background? NPM or yarn? What should we do with grid? What the hell is webpack?!”

“We need you to save us from Vertically Centering DIV Hell. Just kidding. Half kidding. We are big fans. We do a ton of front-end dev and CSS gypsy magic to bring designers’ visions to life. We’d like you enlighten us with better ways to do what we do!”

“I am from the future, and Chris has already visited our office. You should know from watching any TV-show or movie that has dabbled with the premise of time-travel that you CAN NOT alter the timeline. Marty disappears, the Terminators win, and Hagrid’s pet griffin DIES if you do. Having already experienced Chris’ visit, I can tell you… it was life-altering for everyone involved. I can’t give details, but let’s just say a roundtable discussion ended with a brilliant-but-mind-bogglingly-simple plan to unify the rendering engines for every browser…RETROACTIVELY. I know you’re weeping right now. Embrace this timeline and secure the future.”

“When he arrives at our office, we will immediately chain him to a desk and hold him hostage until he and his fiance agree to move to our fair city. Then we’ll head to a local non-profit where we’ll combine forces with our employees and Chris to help as much as we can in the six hours we have available. After that is completed, we’ll go drink microbrews and play retro video games while discussing why SVG is superior.”

These were just some of the great submissions that came our way. But the winner is…

The ZaneRay Group. Congratulations! Stay tuned for a special blog post to commemorate the occasion and share some of the learnings between the ZaneRay team and Chris.

About the Author Alex Alabbas is a Senior Email and Content Marketing Manager at Media Temple. Alex has a diverse scope of content expertise in industries ranging from media and entertainment, market research and technology. More by this Author