Introducing the Media Temple Agency Partner Program

I started at Media Temple in 2009, and in those ten years, one thing that has never changed is Media Temple’s dedication to the creative community. From hiring award-winning devs and designers to build new products, to supporting design events and sponsoring creative sites, Media Temple has been actively supporting the community for 20+ years. This dedication is how we became the go-to hosting provider for digital, design and production shops.

We’ve developed a solid relationship with agencies because we’ve lived their problems and successes and understand an agency’s unique needs. Our team comes from premiere digital shops and has spent many holiday weekends making sure agencies’ client projects launch on-time and on-budget. We get that clients can be demanding, and – let’s face it – events like Superbowl Sunday don’t move. Maybe you’ve run into us at events and conferences, giving out our amazing swag, or have noticed a “hosted by (mt)” badge on your favorite design blog. If you’ve wondered whether there’s a way to get an insider connection with Media Temple and its extra benefits, I’ve got some great news to share: We are officially launching our new Agency Partner Program!

After 20 years of informally providing perks to our agency customers, we have formalized a partner program filled with agency discounts, promotions, invites, credits, and enhanced customer service. This is our way of rewarding our most active partners not just by discounts, but by leveraging marketing resources and a robust social network to help you.

Apply for the Agency Partner Program and learn more about the rewards and benefits you’ll unlock as your business grows.

We are looking forward to partnering with you and helping you succeed!

About the Author Since 2009, Lilly Crick has guided Media Temple’s involvement in creative and agency communities, including a decade of SXSW closing parties. Lilly is a wrangler of children, dogs, a husband, tortoises, engineers, and just about anything else that needs organizing. More by this Author