Media Temple’s Agency Bundle – A Deluxe Hosting Experience

In talking with our agency customers, one thing consistently comes up: The desire to get more granular technical tasks off an agency’s plate, with the confidence that the client will still be 100% happy with the technical performance.

So, we got to devising the new Agency Bundle: a package of our most in-depth services, delivering the best-possible experience for you and your clients, at a great price point compared to purchasing those services separately.

Altogether, the tools and services included result in fewer gut-wrenching after-midnight disasters and faster, easier fixes to any issues you run into. Happier clients. Happier employees. The whole package.

Here’s what’s included with each and every Agency Bundle:

DV – Professional-grade VPS hosting

Our VPS platform has been the foundation for many of our customers’ high-profile projects, and it’s proven over the years to deliver speed, security, and reliability at levels that match anything out there. High-quality hardware, elite data centers, 99.99% uptime guaranteed – of course we’d build our Agency Bundle on DV.

As we launch this new offering, you’ll find it’s available in three resource levels. These first three resource levels fit the needs of most agency projects and perform with remarkable results. If your project does require something more, chat with us in the lower right corner of <our site or your Account Center, you’ll find a chat button. Chances are, you’re covered though.

Security Pack – Robust defense from hacks and exploits

The web is so filled with security threats these days that it’s critical for every site to have some kind of protection. With the Agency Bundle, your clients’ sites get some serious defensive power.

This widely customizable suite of tools is built and managed by the revered security experts at Sucuri. You’re equipped with site-by-site malware detection, a web application firewall (WAF), content delivery network (CDN), and integrated SSL coverage for up to five sites. Not sure what all that means for you and your clients? Vulnerability warnings, blocked threats, faster global load times, and automation of the most critical certification for operating a successful site. And oh yes, Sucuri will clean malware infections by machine or human power. Just drop a ticket and they’ll get to work.

Advanced Support – Hands-on help from our most experienced experts

Your web hosting is only as good as the relationship between site and server. And giving it the tender love and care it deserves can get complicated. Even developers with web-server prowess tend to want to avoid the nitty gritty work of site migration, Apache tuning, DNS configuration, and the like.

That’s where Advanced Support comes in. You’re granted access to our most experienced experts who will cover a long list of those technical tasks for you. You really, truly can focus on the fun stuff (or, at least, the stuff you specialize in) and leave the server administration to us.

Account Management – A single point of contact for everything

Here’s something we’re offering publicly for the very first time with the Agency Bundle.

We’ve talked through a bunch of powerful included features … so many that maybe you’re even getting a little intimidated by all the power at your fingertips. The end goal here is to provide you a bespoke experience that makes hosting your clients’ sites simple, and that’s why we’re bundling in Account Management.

This service provides you with a Technical Account Manager who acts as the liaison between your team and our hosting operations. You tell us what you’re building and what you’re expecting, and your TAM facilitates the conversations that help everything go according to plan. They’ll learn what makes your clients’ sites and apps tick, and then get all the relevant tools and people at Media Temple aligned in serving those needs.

This comprehensive package gives your agency’s clients the confidence that they’re in the right hands. So, check out the plans and host your next big project with an Agency Bundle.

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