Oct 2, 2013 Legacy

Security While You Sleep

securitySecurity is top-of-mind for any website owner today. While everyone knows it’s a MAJOR priority, actually keeping your site safe from hackers, botnets, and phishing scams is not a fun or easy task. While (mt) provides solid security at the network and server level, we can’t protect every individual website unless we take away a LOT of your freedom.

The bottom line is: Security is important, it shouldn’t be difficult.

To alleviate the hassles that can come with keeping your site secure, we’re happy to announce the launch of CloudTech Security, a service designed to keep you abreast of security threats to your site while proactively keeping your site free of malware and vulnerabilities.

With 24/7 monitoring, hands-on security sweeps, and fast cleanups, CloudTech Security puts you well ahead of any threat to your site. It’s available for both Grid and DV hosting accounts, so check it out and see if it makes sense for you.


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