Sep 23, 2013 Legacy

Media Temple Celebrates 15 Years!

15-yrs-blog-graphicWhere were you in 1998, you know, when selfies were being shot with disposable Kodak cameras? Our guess is you were probably not preparing for the impact the Internet was going to have on your life, on the economy, and on business as we know it.

Very few people (barring Al Gore and maybe AOL’s Steve Case) had an idea of where the Internet was going, but as with any emerging market, there were eager entrepreneurs carving out niches and taking risks.

Some of these entrepreneurs would bring us that thing we refer to as the Dot-Com Bubble, featuring some amazing business models like, which aimed to replace the credit card as currency with “Flooz” currency. Whoopi Goldberg endorsed Flooz in ‘99; by 2001, apparently Russian organized crime also endorsed it.

While flashy dot-coms threw lavish launch parties and pumped up their valuations, a tiny hosting company based in Los Angeles (far from Wall St.) was steadily growing on principles rarely seen in the dot-com boom: a solid business model.

Fast forward more than a decade through the age of Web 2.0, Flash sites, broadband, the birth of blogging, Metafilter, (which is still alive and well!) smart phones, the maturation of blogging, and finally, the modern web. That tiny hosting company now powers more than 1.5 million websites–and we’re still growing, working from a value system designed to delight customers and create an experience that sets us apart as a company.


As a tribute to all the (mt) customers that supported us through the last 15 years, we’ve designed this limited-edition shirt for you. There’s no catch. If you’re an (mt) Media Temple customer, just sign up, and we’ll get your shirt printed and shipped to you (Could take up to a month). We’re guaranteeing the first 500 customers that sign up get their shirt! (Limited to the continental US)

Thanks again for coming along with us on this wild ride we call the Internet. May the next 15 years be as amazing as the last!

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