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Designing Value: Stories from Future Insights - Part 2


(mt) sponsors Future Insights, Future of Web Apps and Future of Web Design to stay engaged with people and explore what drives the community to produce work. “Stories from Future Insights” is a snapshot of conversations with Future Insights Live speakers from the Vegas 2013 show. Here is part two, featuring responses to the question:

What are you doing within your work to bring more value into peoples’ lives?


bruce “There are 10’s of millions of people that could not access the web if they did not have access to Opera.”
palermo “It brings new opportunity to developers who didn’t realize there was opportunity.”

“I hate computers. I just like what you can do WITH them. It’s just a tool,” says Bruce Lawson, an Open Standards Evangelist for Opera browser. “We run on devices that no one else runs on. There are 10’s of millions of people that could not access the web if they did not have Opera. It’s the only option for many types of devices.” Opera is the only mobile browser that runs on inexpensive and more proprietary phones. “It directly impacts those lives where the nearest school is many miles away. They have access to news and communication via their mobile with Opera.”

 opera-nokia Michael Palermo is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. windows-store His specialty is HTML5. “I’ve accelerated the ramping up of anyone, regardless of tech background, to be able to quickly put an app in the Windows store. I educate and inform developers and the tech community about new features for Microsoft.” Providing this info may influence how a student shapes their education or define where they place their career path. “It brings new opportunity to developers who didn’t even realize that there is opportunity.” Putting an app in the Windows store is a lesser-known but still massive area of opportunity for developers at the moment. The Windows Store is not yet densely populated and is still relatively new, providing early adopters with the chance to make a LOT of money.

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