Top Seven Sites for UX Inspiration

We asked our UX team for their favorite websites for UX inspiration.

Furthermore – Equinox’s blog is something to behold. Littered with great gifs and photography, every fold has a unique wireframe to keep the most casual reader engaged. While everyone is looking for inspiration to go to the gym, who would think that a gym’s blog could inspire you to build a better website?

Information Architects – The international design agency lives and breathes the phrase “less is more”. Their laundry list of clients could provide inspiration for days. But one simply has to visit their site, which uses their custom (and never-changing) WordPress theme, to see how much one can do with very little.

Google Material Design – Continually proving they are more than just a search engine (or a map, or a business tool, or a car company, for that matter), Google’s approach to material design is nothing short of comprehensive. From making your app bidirectional to detailing how to optimize responsive interaction, it’s easy to get lost in this treasure trove of UX techniques.

The Scenery – A self-proclaimed “small agency located in the heart of the midwest,” The Scenery really gets “it”. “It” being intuitive and elegant designs for both their clients and their own website. It’s little wonder that our UX manager considers their work “the fire emoji” of great ux design.

Coolor – Ever hit a rut with your color palette? By simply hitting the spacebar, Coloor generates complementary colors based on whatever source you choose (an HTML colors code, a color from the color wheel, or even a photo). Who knew refreshing your palette could be so fun?

Neue Haas Unica – A great font is an essential component to a great user experience. Neue Haas Unica is Monotype’s attempt to revitalize Unica, the legendary ultimate sans-serif, via a beautiful hybrid of Helvetica, Univers, and Akzidenz Grotesk. With embedded testimonials and an intricate testing mechanism, Monotype has set the standard for selling great-looking fonts.

Chunkler the Pug -The most handsome pug in the United States also has a handsome and sharp website. A bit of a cult favorite with our UX team, this little site is loaded with little easter eggs (the bouncing text and sliding banners, to name a few) to make it hilarious and engaging. Amidst all the highbrow beauty listed above, sometimes a finely tuned WordPress site using a free theme shows how great design is accessible to anyone.


Many thanks to our UX team for their input in this article.

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