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Allison Bondi is a copy writer who focuses on the tech world and human interest pieces. She has worked in the SaaS and Telecom world for 10 years. When not writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and identifying plants.

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5 elements wordpress-02-01
Feb 15, 2022 Web Development + Tech
The 5 Elements (or Components) of WordPress

A Captain Planet Metaphor for the 5 Components of WordPress WorkPress is an open-source, dynamic, content management system (CMS powering over one third of the world’s websites.

Allison Bondi
top 5 wp plugins
Jan 25, 2022 Web Development + Tech
The Starter Pack: 5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Start Your Website

Congratulations on starting your WordPress site!  Figuring out how to build your website and what features to include can be overwhelming.

Allison Bondi
Jan 18, 2022 Design + Creative
The Intersection of NFTs and Web Design

NFTs are making huge waves around the world and have gone from virtually unknown to the cultural cache of appearing on the New York Times Sunday edition front page and featuring on a South Park in just 1 years time.

Allison Bondi