Everyone you meet either has a relative or friend or someone that they know that used to work at the old brewery. We hear almost everyday from someone ‘you guys got to get that brewery back in Rhode Island.

– Jim Crooks, VP/Co-Owner

Narragansett Brewery was founded in Rhode Island in 1891 and was at one time the number one selling beer in New England. They ceased operations in 1981, but two entrepreneurial locals with fond memories of the beer “Grandpa used to drink” brought it back to market in 2005. And ‘Gansett now enjoys a second renaissance within the close-knit local community of Providence.

Narragansett 2.0 recaptures the same taste, spirit, and style of the original beloved beer – which was so synonymous with New England that it was featured in the movie “Jaws.” ‘Gansett has also brought back other once-brewed versions of the beer – including Porter, Bock, and Cream Ale – and have outfitted them in their original 1975 can, creating instant nostalgia for New Englanders of a certain age.

Watch the video and learn why the local beer with the slogan, “Hi Neighbor. Have a ‘Gansett,” is so welcome back in Rhode Island. Made on (mt).

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