Keep A Breast

It was never intended to be a global organization. Really, I was just trying to do one event to make a difference in that moment and luckily and gracefully its been adapted, changed, and grown all over the world to this beautiful movement on breast cancer prevention.

– Shaney Jo Darden, Founder and CEO, Keep A Breast

Shaney Jo Darden is the founder and CEO of Keep A Breast – an organization whose mission is to eradicate breast cancer through the education of young people.

Darden was producing art shows when her friend was diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to give back in a new and creative way beyond wearing the pink ribbon and participating in walks. Darden then had the inspiration to make artist designed breast casts sculpted from the bodies of women who have recently had cancer.

The decorative breast casts grew into the launch of organized preventive campaigns designed to empower youth about controlling their health. Keep A Breast’s messaging for these campaigns is done in an authentic and creative way that they hope resonates with young people. This is perhaps best expressed in Keep A Breast’s successful “I Love Boobies” campaign.

Watch the video and learn how one woman’s idea launched a global organization to eradicate breast cancer. Made on (mt).

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