Hamish Robertson

This strange and wonderful mixture of the man-made clashing with nature… and nature, to me, always seems to be winning.

  • Hamish Robertson


From Northern England to the heart of Los Angeles, Hamish Robertson walks trails both beaten and untouched in the city and the country.

Vacation Days, his creative studio, reflects his synthesis of rural and urban beauty. Convention could fly out the window, in the most literal sense possible, to create his newest bandana, print, scarf, or t-shirt. Touching down in Los Angeles only opened more creative pathways. The city and the state both inspirational in their own right, Hamish’s clean, intricate style has positioned him as a mainstay of the California art scene, with galleries and pop-up stores appearing up and down the coast.

Watch the video to meet the man whose clever and versatile touch connects with customers around the globe. Made on (mt).

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