Eight Hour Day

It kind of takes you to zero to sixty. You’re always learning new things. You’re learning about how to run a business down to how your process works and how you’re working with clients.

– Katie Kirk, Co-Founder

The husband and wife team of Katie Kirk and Nathan Stranberg are the co-founders and artists behind the San Francisco design shop, Eight Hour Day.

The two work side by side and have their hands in all aspects of their business. Kirk and Stranberg personally create the designs and illustrations for all Eight Hour Day’s various and diverse clients, which include Walker Arts Center, the Minnesota Opera, and many local shops and restaurants.

Kirk and Stranberg find contentment knowing that everything Eight Hour Days produces, they’ve had a hand in making. When new work comes in, they both create their own vision for what the final product should be. Whoever’s work is chosen by the client then becomes the project lead while the other handles the rest.

Though they’ve had interest from potential employees and interns, Kirk and Strandberg prefer the feeling of satisfaction they get when doing it all themselves.

Watch the video and meet the husband and wife who like to keep creativity in the family. Made on (mt).

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