Customer Spotlight: Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands was founded in friendship. The type of friendship that enjoys solving problems. In 2014, three longtime friends (founders Yali Saar, Nadav Shatz, and Tom Lahat) wanted to quit their jobs and work together. But every new business endeavor requires logos and designs, and those can both take time and be expensive. Their problem became their new business idea and soon Tailor Brands was formed. They embraced that challenge to create an algorithmic design brain that has, since its inception, generated over 20 million designs for over 600,000 customers worldwide.

When it came to designing your website, what sort of aesthetic were you shooting for?
When we decided to build Tailor Brands, we really wanted to mimic the flow of working with a designer and a design studio. From the first step to the last, the process should feel as seamless as possible. The aesthetic has to be clean and minimalistic, conveying the same feeling you’d get if you were coming to our studio. As such, our brand is present throughout the website, yet never intrudes on the brand you are designing.

What is your team’s creative process like?
We try to learn from our users as much as possible to define the problems we would like to tackle. We have over 600,000 users designing on our platform and if one of them is stuck, it’s a good indicator for us that there is something worth solving. The reason we always try to understand the problem before tackling the solution is that many times we found that the solution the user is asking for and the solution needed are not the same. Like the quote attributed to Henry Ford goes: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Once we have a general notion of what the solution should be, we write it down in simple terms in our “User Stories”. After that, we consult our annual roadmap and work in small think tanks to define each solution separately. We try and ensure the product is always evolving and our upload cycle is usually on a weekly basis.

What’s your favorite part about working on the Tailor Brands team?
The people, of course! But besides that, there are a few: Receiving a photo of a bar we branded in a town we never knew about in Oregon, getting handcrafted soaps with our design on them from someone in Alaska, or walking down a street in NYC and seeing a restaurant logo created on Tailor. Every second and a half someone designs something on Tailor, which is unprecedented for a sole designer or an agency. Our work influences the lives of thousands of people every day and defines who they are. What better motivation?

If you could pick a dream partnership, what would it be?
So many! We love doing creative partnerships to further test the limits of our technology. One of the most recent brainstorms we had revolved around music. What if every musician uploading their music for the first time on Spotify or SoundCloud could get free branding? A logo, stickers and even album covers? We think that could be a cool way to support something we love. If any of those companies approached us, we would definitely to find a way to do it.

What is one thing that people should know about Tailor Brands?
A logo is only the beginning.

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