Customer Spotlight: Hellohikimori

The Paris-based design studio Hellohikimori (commonly referred to as “HKI”) remains one of the most innovative and inspiring studios today. Founders Nathalie Melato and David Ronhel leveraged  their expertise in digital design and motion graphics to create a distinct and recognizable creative vision. Their campaigns and projects have been lauded worldwide, receiving recognition by Cannes Lions, The FWA, The Lovie Awards, The Webby Awards, and Adobe.

What is the mission of Hellohikimori?
All of us at Hellohikimori like to tell stories in, what we hope, the most beautiful and original way possible. Since we are constantly focused on innovation and creativity on all levels, our goal is to deliver memorable and captivating productions.

How would you define the Hellohikimori style?
Hellohikimori is:

o   Creative:  In our next office, we want to open a gallery to showcase all the different facets of our design work. This includes our design work on websites, videos, scenarios, toys, t-shirts, sneakers, typography, posters, stickers, musical montages… we could go on and on!

o   Independent: We left the last agency we worked at to found our own (HKI). Those who have joined us are also independent people who share our vision. This spirit is what gives our work its distinct flavor and character.

o   Generous: As we say in French, “toujours tout donner.”  We always give everything we’ve got, which means being generous with both our time and our ideas. Some of our favorite work is stuff we’ve done just out of generosity: The Butcher for MAD 2011, The Tattoo Artist for Pixel Show, to name just a few.

o   Proud: “Create with Pride” is our core conviction. Mediocrity is not allowed. We’re proud of our skills, the quality of our work, and the craftsmanship that goes into every aspect of our work. We’re proud of our clients as well. We’re mutually selective, and we only work with brands that we would naturally seek out.

Who would you pick for a dream partnership?
The American artist Matthew Barney, with whom we would imagine and design a full digital version of his Cremaster 6.


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