Jul 13, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Rushing Into the Cloud Can Be A Trap

The old saying goes that “only fools rush in”. While this phrase generally applies to love relationships, it is also true for most enterprises thinking about migrating to the cloud. It isn’t uncommon for an enterprise to desire for their new app or site to be built on the cloud and set an aggressive timeline for completion. Racing to move to the cloud can leave an enterprise with the wrong cloud architecture, one that doesn’t meet their specific business needs.

As a result, when the DevOps team managing the chosen cloud platform meets roadblocks or showstoppers along the way, they may quickly run out of options. Even worse, it could lead to data gravity, with so much key data on one cloud platform that shifting to a better or more optimal platform may be nearly impossible. To alleviate these early misgivings, enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud managed service providers.

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