Dec 15, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Meet AWS Comprehend, Transcribe, and Translate

In the battle for cloud domination, the major cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) are seemingly locked in an arms race to provide users with speed, flexibility, functionality, and all the bells and whistles they could possibly want. Amazon’s status as the dominant player in the cloud market remains unmatched, controlling 40% of the market alongside running ten times the computing capacity as their next 14 competitors combined.

Needless to say, when a new Amazon Web Services product is released, its often enough to get the whole cloud industry to turn its head in their direction. Two weeks ago at the massive conference AWS re:Invent, three new services were introduced aiming to improve the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of AWS. Amazon Comprehend is a continuously trained language analyzer that can seemingly do it all for text-based analysis, including language detection, entity categorization, sentiment analysis, and key phrase extraction. Next, Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition tool that can analyze audio files (WAV, MP3, FLAC) stored on Amazon S3. And finally, Amazon Translate aims to provide the fast translation of text-based content to create multilingual experience on the web or simply mass-translate documents on command.

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