Apr 3, 2017 Cloud Hosting

How AWS' 16 Geographic Regions Aided Salesforce’s Expansion into Australia

Expanding a product line overseas presents unique infrastructure challenges, particularly when you’re a multinational pillar for customers who need reliable and almost-instant access to your services.

Meet the problem Salesforce has faced for the past few years. Almost a year ago, Salesforce leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run its Internet of Things (IoT), setting a table for a future investment in the cloud. At the time, CEO Mark Benihoff commented that AWS would be an integral part of their future plans beyond their IoT line. That was evidenced last week as the company announced that its Intelligent Customer Success Platform would be hosted in AWS’ Sydney region as opposed to Salesforce’s data centers.

Here is a very interesting read about how Salesforce invested in the cloud to make their successful expansion into the “Land Down Under” on the Web Hosting Industry Review.

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