Sean A. Mulvihill

Sean A. Mulvihill is the lead instructor of the Act Social Club for improvisational acting training and the Artistic Director of the Exuberant Theatre Company in New York City. A stage and screen performer, he also recently directed the film Act Social, starring Colin Mochrie of Whose Line Is It, Anyway?

Posts By Sean

Isometric illustration of a baseball field on a blue background.
Jun 22, 2021 Work + Life
7 Tips for Creative Leadership from the 2016 Chicago Cubs

What can your design or development team learn from a historic baseball achievement?

Sean A. Mulvihill
Illustration of Yoda and Emperors Palpatine from Star Wars, holding lightsabers on either side of a web browser screen
May 4, 2021 Design + Creative
Star Wars, Storytelling, and Website Design

A galaxy far, far away delivers design inspiration based on its use of storytelling techniques developed long ago.

Sean A. Mulvihill
Illustration of a woman performing under spotlights in front of two people at a conference table with laptops open
Apr 9, 2021 Work + Life
How Improv Comedy Can Help When Dealing With Difficult Clients

A difficult design client can quickly become a trusting partner when applying these principles of improv comedy.

Sean A. Mulvihill
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