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David Zomaya is a technical writer and doer of many things tech related, including software, networking, customer success, and tech marketing. David likes: making the world a better place and referencing pepper n' egg sandwich in technical docs.

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Aug 18, 2021 Web Development + Tech
What is DNSSEC and Should You Use It?

The “phonebook” of the Internet (DNS) isn’t secure. But there is a solution (DNSSEC) that adds security to it, has been around for years, and is available on over 90% of ICANN’s top-level domains (TLDs).    Given the importance of DNS and security, you’d expect adoption of DNSSEC to be overwhelming, right?

David Zomaya
Jul 7, 2021 Web Development + Tech
How to Talk to Bots: 8 Technical SEO tips

There are a whole lot of technical SEO (search engine optimization) tips, tricks, and strategies you can implement.

David Zomaya
Illustration of a blue shield floating upright in a high-tech space
Mar 19, 2021 Web Development + Tech
WordPress Security: Learning from the NextGEN Gallery Vulnerabilities

Let's take an in-depth look at two WordPress security vulnerabilities recently discovered in the massively popular Next Gen Gallery plugin.

David Zomaya