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Alex Alabbas is a Senior Email and Content Marketing Manager at Media Temple. Alex has a diverse scope of content expertise in industries ranging from media and entertainment, market research and technology.

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Aug 14, 2018 Media Temple Updates
20 Years of Media Temple - '03 to '08

We’re back, now at the dawn of the new millenium and in the dog days of summer, to count down the 20 years of Media Temple’s history.

Alex Alabbas
Jul 26, 2018 Media Temple Updates
20 Years of Media Temple - '98 to '02

In just a few short weeks, Media Temple will celebrate our 20th year as a company.

Alex Alabbas
Jun 28, 2018 Media Temple Updates
The Media Temple Table Tennis Invitational - Round IV

Is it too far of a stretch that a great party (and our deep tie to agencies) is a Media Temple tradition? There’s evidence everywhere, but take a look at our latest Table Tennis Invitational, hosted the beloved Paddle Room in the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, that was our way of b.

Alex Alabbas
Jun 20, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Mobile's role in agency digital transformation

It’s been a banner decade for mobile: In 2012, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time ever.

Alex Alabbas
May 15, 2018 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Longbeard

For most agencies, updating a client’s brand or digital image is a straightforward process and, oftentimes, common work.

Alex Alabbas
Apr 18, 2018 Cloud Hosting
A Simplified Roadmap for Cloud Adoption

  Learn more about managed services on AWS here.

Alex Alabbas
Apr 10, 2018 Cloud Hosting
Cloud seeding: How to make your cloud rain ROI

How do you make a cloud do what you want it to? Consider an example using actual clouds: Back in 1946, a chemist named Vincent Schaefer did the unthinkable: He created a snowstorm in a laboratory.

Alex Alabbas
Mar 22, 2018 Media Temple Updates
The SXSW 2018 Interactive Recap

Action-packed, exuberant, inspirational, energetic… Those were just some of the words we heard that described our 11th year at SXSW Interactive.

Alex Alabbas
Mar 21, 2018 Design + Creative
Behind the Poster with Dan Stiles

SXSW Interactive remains a multimedia experience to behold. But outside of the app demos, interactive activations (Westworld, anyone?), and keynote speakers, there remains one constant: The posters that overwhelm the streets of Austin, the convention center, and nearly every tapped and untapped space on 6th Street.

Alex Alabbas
Feb 21, 2018 Cloud Hosting
AWS hits Paris

When it comes to the growing market for cloud services, it should be no surprise that the European market may be be poised for rapid expansion in the next few years.

Alex Alabbas
Feb 14, 2018 Cloud Hosting
How to Fall in Love with Amazon Web Services

Learn more about managed services on AWS here.

Alex Alabbas
Feb 13, 2018 Cloud Hosting
Blockchain on the Cloud: AWS' Blockchain Portal

2018 is only 44 days young and, without a doubt,  blockchain technology has become one of the most talked about stories in the world.

Alex Alabbas
Jan 18, 2018 Cloud Hosting
2017 AWS Year in Review

2017 got off to a rocky start for a lot of us, and AWS was no exception. In February, the cloud computing giant experienced issues with its Simple Storage Service (S3) that caused site slowdowns for some clients and one absolutely amazing tweet.

Alex Alabbas
Jan 17, 2018 Cloud Hosting
Diagnosing a Mismanaged Cloud Environment

Despite common myth and perception, unlocking the true potential of the cloud takes more than just will and desire.

Alex Alabbas
Jan 4, 2018 Web Development + Tech
What to Expect from WordPress in 2018

Now the preferred CMS for 29% of the internet, WordPress is without a doubt the world’s most popular CMS.

Alex Alabbas
Dec 20, 2017 Cloud Hosting
Cloud Trends to Look For in 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, let’s take a look at what is in store for cloud users in 2018.

Alex Alabbas