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Alycia Mitchell is Head of Content Marketing, with 10 years of SEO and digital marketing experience. When she isn’t deep in spreadsheets, you might find her exploring nature.

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Illustration of a browser window with security features around it.
Oct 21, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Your All-in-One Guide to Secure WordPress Sites

The prominence of WordPress makes it an attractive target to hackers, criminals, and other bad actors.

Alycia Mitchell
Illustration of user identification badges
Sep 17, 2020 Web Development + Tech
How Do Multi User WordPress Roles and Permissions Work?

WordPress developers and website administrators can apply user roles to precisely manage individuals' access to Wordpress website tools.

Alycia Mitchell
Illustration of websites in motion
Aug 19, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Avoid Traffic Loss When You Migrate Your Website

Moving client’s websites to more reliable, scalable, secure hosting? Follow this guide to minimize the risk of data or traffic loss in the process.

Alycia Mitchell