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Alex Ivanovs comes from a background in web development and project management. He has been actively developing and managing some of the largest developer resources on the web for the last decade, with his latest project being Stack Diary -- an active and aspiring community for developers and designers alike.

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Oct 5, 2017 Web Development + Tech
Best Practices for Rest API

Reaching the point of working on a stable platform is a beautiful feeling. So much so that programmers,  naturally get the inclination that creating a publicly accessible API is the way to go.

Alex Ivanovs
May 9, 2017 Web Development + Tech
The Many Benefits of HTTP/2

It was no small task for developers to make the web as accessible and reliable as it is today.

Alex Ivanovs
Aug 4, 2016 Web Development + Tech
Do You Need to Upgrade to Angular 2?

The Angular 2 team has had a busy year so far. Actually, the two years leading up to the announcement of Angular 2 have been exceedingly busy for the whole Angular community.

Alex Ivanovs