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Lucy Beer is a web and WordPress consultant focused on making WordPress accessible to the beginner and a powerful development platform for the advanced user. Lucy runs Web Training Wheels and can be found speaking around the country or on Twitter.

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Jan 21, 2015 Web Development + Tech
The WordPress Warchest

If you spend enough time building sites for clients, or if you just own and maintain several of your own, you soon start to develop a little stash of favorite tools that you pull out for various occasions.

Lucy Beer
Dec 18, 2014 Web Development + Tech
Baby Steps into Version Control with WordPress

Version control. You’ve probably heard of it and you may even be cringing with guilt at this very moment because you’ve read one too many articles that tell you that you need to be using it.

Lucy Beer
Nov 25, 2014 Web Development + Tech
Customizing the WordPress Admin Experience for Clients

For those of us that are logging in and out of WordPress sites all day every day, the backend of WordPress couldn’t be easier.

Lucy Beer
Jan 9, 2014 Web Development + Tech
Run a Local Bleeding Edge WordPress Environment

If you’re an average WordPress user running WordPress to power your site, you’re probably going to want to stick to working with the latest stable version of WordPress.

Lucy Beer
Nov 19, 2013 Web Development + Tech
Developing WordPress for the Future

Contributing blogger Lucy Beer describes how to design and build your WordPress site so that future developers won't curse your name.

Lucy Beer