How Your Agency Can Benefit from Media Temple

The less time an agency can spend explaining what it’s trying to do, the more time it can spend doing it. And that benefits its health, happiness, and profitability.

At Media Temple, we like to say that agencies are in our DNA. Our value is more than just understanding your business: It’s about understanding what your agency creates. Every project is unique, and over our twenty-year history we’ve hosted over a million of them. 

Here’s a few of the types of projects we work on with agencies, and how we deliver the optimal hosting solutions for them.



Handling a campaign for a big client comes with a huge thrill and countless question marks. Ironically, the success of your campaign can also be a looming threat: “What happens if traffic crashes our website?”

Scalability is the most important factor in addressing this concern, allowing you to keep costs under control for forecasted traffic, while dynamically adding resources with a flip of the switch if a campaign’s performance blows past expectations. This can be achieved a number of ways, most commonly through comprehensive monitoring on a scalable VPS platform – like Media Temple’s DV with Advanced Support – or an efficient auto-scaling environment on cloud hosting platforms like Amazon Web Services – which we can architect and maintain for you.

We’ve helped agencies build, monitor, and optimize scalable solutions for some of the world’s most noted brands, always ensuring that their work doesn’t melt under the spotlight.

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Web Publishing

As the web has grown, so has the scope and complexity of the publishing that makes up its core. What started as simple blogs have turned into massive media outlets and content-marketing channels. And agencies are frequently challenged by clients to build the foundation for entirely new ones or to revamp expansive existing ones.

Sites focused on publishing are built for the long haul, delivering rich media at all hours for years and years. Dependability matters most here, and it matters across the entire experience. Top-tier data centers minimize the risk of downtime from natural or targeted causes. Professionally proven hardware, software, and architecture reduces the chance of failure as well. Whether our service is on our own platforms or on Amazon Web Services, we’ve vetted all the specs with reliability in mind. Tools and services like our content delivery network, web application firewall, and proactive monitoring, also help maximize the effectiveness of whatever hosting solution you use. 

Supplying publishing sites with resources, reliability, and security has been a principal focus at Media Temple. 

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Digital Presence

Your digital presence is proof that you mean business. The faster and more reliable your site is, the more solid you look to potential clients. Our products and support help streamline the process of getting your site online, and our engineers ensure it runs fast and securely once it’s up.

A simple portfolio or 5-page business profile doesn’t particularly need the most advanced infrastructure and most extensive customization features, and that makes simplicity key. A user-friendly interface with minimal manual adjustment keeps hosting from being a distraction to building and updating this type of site. From there, Managed WordPress trims everything down to be practically effortless, easily usable by anyone on your team or by your client. If you want to host a number of sites or build them using more than just WordPress, more versatile shared hosting options like Media Temple’s Grid expand your limits, while still minimizing complexity.

This kind of simplicity remains one of the main reasons creatives looking to do more with the web choose Media Temple.

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If you’re running an ecommerce site, uptime means dollars. A few seconds of load time can be the difference between a conversion and a bounce. And the flow of money at the heart of your business makes ecommerce a prime target for hackers.

Having experts on your side makes a huge difference here. It can take a careful eye to know whether your server configuration can handle that massive annual sale. It’s why our AWS management service assigns you a specialist who specifically learns your business’ ins and outs. Or why our Advanced Support service incorporates proactive monitoring to spot points of failure. Security should be as robust as possible, too. In our case, we’ve partnered with Sucuri to deliver a fully customizable security experience, capable of detecting and protecting your site from ever-changing threats.

With direct access to specialized experts ensuring stability and security, you can rest easy.

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Anything, Really

At the end of the day, personalized customer support makes the difference. Whatever you’re working on, we’re always eager to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Reach out anytime and tell us about your project.

You can be confident that we’ll get it. And that we’ll get your next big idea, too.


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