The Whats and Hows of Media Temple Support

If there’s one thing that Media Temple’s most known for, it’s our customer support – a team of smart, friendly people up to solving problems 24/7/365. They’ve built a reputation for their technical chops, and it’s their goal to make sure you never leave empty-handed when you come looking for assistance.

But what’s less obvious is how it all works. So in this edition of (mt) Voice, we figured it’d be helpful to round up what our different types of support are and how you can reach out to get it.

What kind of help can I get?

First off, there are two tiers of support available:

  • Our world-class standard support
  • Advanced Support

With any hosting product, service, or solution you get from Media Temple, you’re at least getting the first. And it covers the function of – and access to – things like:

  • Your Media Temple Account Center and its features
  • Your service’s control panel – whether it’s cPanel or Plesk
  • Performance and uptime issues with your hosting service
  • Foundational software and security updates     

So, let’s say you’ve noticed your site is running sluggish out of the blue. When you get in touch, we’ll check up on all the usual suspects (and some of the rarer ones, too). If something on our side isn’t functioning properly, we’ll let you know and work with our engineers to get it swiftly resolved. If we notice something like buggy code or an odd setting on your end, we’ll give you whatever info we can and try to provide recommendations for improvement.

Can you just do it for me, though?

This is exactly where Advanced Support comes in. We’ve built this team from our most experienced technical experts to expressly take the burden of maintenance and optimization off your shoulders. Whether you don’t have that specialized knowledge or just don’t want to deal with it, Advanced Support saves you a bunch of time and research.

When you need it, you can have Advanced Support perform a slew of hands-on tasks, like:

  • Setting up WordPress, Drupal, and other apps
  • Installing WordPress themes and plugins
  • Improving performance by tuning Apache/NGINX
  • Configuring DNS
  • Optimizing MySQL

Better yet … A monthly subscription gives you all of these services whenever you need them at no additional cost, plus our proactive monitoring service, comprehensive security pack, and up to three site migrations per month. 

How should I get in touch?

The quickest, most efficient ways to contact our support team are via chat or phone, but you can also reach out via support ticket or Twitter. We try to be available in whatever way works best for you. Here are the specifics:

  • Chat – In the lower right corner of our site or your Account Center, you’ll see a button to open a chat window. 
  • Call – The best place to ring us is 310.841.5500. You’ll also notice it throughout our site and your Account Center.
  • Support Ticket – You’ll find this option in the Support Center of your Account Center.
  • Twitter – Tweet our support team at @mediatemplehelp.

All the essential links and info can be found in the Support Center of your account, including the history of any chats and tickets.

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