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The Web Just Got Faster with Railgun

cloudflare-blogAbout two years ago, we announced our partnership with CloudFlare, the web performance and security company, making it easy for all our customers to get a faster, safer, and smarter website. Today, we are pleased to announce we are among the first CloudFlare Optimized Partners to offer Railgun, their newest performance optimization technology, absolutely FREE (a savings of $200)!

Railgun takes site optimization to a new level by using delta compression, a method that creates a caching effect for your dynamic web content. Rather than caching at the object level, as is standard with traditional caching, Railgun allows content caching down to the individual bytes within an object. This allows even highly dynamic content to be accelerated.

These days, dynamic content represents a sizable chunk of processing power and server calls, which can sometimes create sluggish loading. Slowness creates a poor user experience and has no place in the modern web when it can be avoided. Railgun’s byte-level caching optimizes dynamic content to achieve an average (or not so average) 143% improvement in load times, a 50% reduction in bandwidth usage and a 90% decrease in the time to first byte. (TTFB).

Get Started with Railgun Now!

We’re currently offering Railgun to (gs) Grid Service customers only with a simple one-click install from the Account Center.

If you’re already running Cloudflare on your website(s), please contact your Media Temple Customer Support agent who will assist you in upgrading to Railgun.

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