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Super Hosters Unite for Security!

Web hosting is a competitive business, but the leading companies in North America can relate on a few levels. They all deliver a winning combination of product and support, have some proprietary infrastructure and product, and share the common enemy of Constant Security Threats.

CTO’s and Security experts have come together, taking their IM chatter and email discussions to a more formal setting. Founding members including (mt) Media Temple, Go Daddy, DreamHost and WordPress have created The Hosting Security Forum. The mission is simple: Collaborate and share information between companies to increase detection, identify warning signs and mitigate effects of the ongoing attacks on the web.

Threats Are On the Rise

In the past two years, we’ve seen unprecedented, industry-wide escalations of security threats affecting millions of site owners. All hosts have been affected and this is what led us to join forces and create The Hosting Security Forum.

If you are a company that would like to get involved, you can use the contact form on The Hosting Security Forum website. (For a full list of members, see HSF.)

Secure Your Own Information:
Security should be baked into your every day routine. Some good pointers on how to keep your information safe can be found at (mt) Security Resources. If you also use Gmail for your email management, the Gmail Security Checklist is a good resource.

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