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Introducing ProCDN

ProCDN - A Content Delivery Network from (mt) Media Temple

We are very excited to announce the launch of ProCDN, the newest addition to the (mt) ProDev product line. As we mentioned when we launched (ve) Server, we are continuing to build out our advanced product lines and ProCDN is the latest offering built to satisfy the needs of our advanced and performance-minded users. ProCDN isn’t a traditional hosting service but rather a globalization and performance enablement feature for your existing (mt) services.

What is ProCDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a clever way to speed up websites and applications around the world. A CDN is essentially a network of storage and caching servers spread strategically across the globe containing copies of your website’s static content. The “magic” behind the system delivers your content from the geographic location closest to your users, drastically decreasing loading time for your site across the planet all while lightening the load on your origin hosting server. Do you have visitors to your site or application from Europe? If so, they would see copies of your data from the nearest European network, giving them faster access to your website.

To bring (mt) users CDN capabilities, we partnered with who we consider the fastest and most reliable global content delivery provider out there: Edgecast.

Do I Need a Content Delivery Network?

ProCDN has been in private beta for several months, delivering content for a wide variety of sites and use cases. Sites range from low to moderate traffic sites and blogs all the way up to some of the highest traffic sites hosted at (mt). Among many others, we’re providing content delivery for iPhone app content for some of the world’s most popular bands via Mobile Roadie, the most popular mobile app platform. We’re also the CDN provider for jQuery, the world’s most popular JavaScript framework.

The jQuery project has been very happy with the Media Temple ProCDN service. Running one of the top 500 most popular web sites can be quite challenging and using ProCDN has both made the process simple and very fast for our global audience.
John Resig, Creator of jQuery

The question of needing CDN or not really comes down to a combination of how fast you want your websites to perform, and how wide your user-base is spread around the world. We think ProCDN is a great addition to just about any website or service that feels performance is important.

Tell Me More… What Do I Get?

The network includes 19 points of presence around the globe, and when benchmarked, shows 25% faster performance than other leading CDN networks. Notably, we’ve taken a hosting feature that has traditionally been a contract-driven, expensive, and complicated addition to enterprise-level websites and made it simple, cost-effective, and readily available to websites of any size or traffic level.

ProCDN starts at just $20 per month and can be used with any of your (mt) hosted services. Here are a few key features:

  • 19 global points of presence
  • Increased SEO performance
  • Full control panel
  • Small and large file optimized
  • Faster loading websites
  • 200GB of monthly network transfer is included
  • No contract, no setup fees
  • Ready To Learn More?

    For the full rundown on all the product info, features, and pricing, head on over to the ProCDN product area.

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