Aug 27, 2020 Design + Creative

Upcoming Webinar: Empowering Women in a Time of COVID-19

Finding Clarity in the Blur of Home, Agency, and Pandemic

In a time of cuts to business and increased childcare hours, women are often left holding the bag. Managing clients, teams, and children while pushing for equal opportunity has always been a challenge, and the pandemic has made the effort even more difficult. What can employers do to support their female employees, and what can each of us do to keep focus and push forward?

Join our panel next Wednesday for a discussion about overcoming obstacles in this unique era. During the session, we’ll:

  • Examine pre-COVID gains in the workplace and where regressions may be taking place since the pandemic
  • Consider how socially-distanced careers are creating new challenges in both professional and personal growth
  • Build actionable ideas for supporting female colleagues
  • Look at the ways companies are successfully adapting their support of women and mothers into this new era
  • Find a way to keep it all together

Photos of the panelists: Dimple Thakkar (SYNHERGY Marketing), Ali Kane (formerly Facebook, now a homeschool mom), Leigh Armstrong (Leo Burnett), Amy Small (Team One), and Vanessa Lorenzo (Zwift)

September 2, 2020
11-11:30 a.m. (PT)

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Propelling Girls to Fulfill Their Potential

This webinar is being presented in partnership with Step Up, whose mission is to empower girls in under-resourced communities. In Step Up, girls take action to be confident, college-bound, career-focused, and ready to join the next generation of professional women.

For the past five years, Media Temple has supported Step Up’s program of mentorship. And at a time when the challenges facing students and professionals seem harder than ever, we believe it’s essential to continue this support.

On Thursday, September 10, Step Up hosts its inaugural digital summit, Step Up Together. Sessions cover everything from improving your LinkedIn portfolio to taking leadership of organizations. Consider attending and sharing this valuable day of mentoring and inspiration with others.

Giving Agencies the Tools They Need to Succeed

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