Mike Martens

Mike Martens makes words happen for Media Temple’s UX and Creative teams. Over the past decade, he’s crafted copy across every medium for a lengthy list of iconic brands. Meanwhile, he's photographically documented Creative Morning speakers and The Moth storytellers, plus designed weird roleplaying games.

Posts By Mike

Illustration of vibrant, flowing sound waves
Apr 23, 2021 Work + Life
Finding Your Groove – Music to Design/Code to

Whether you're designing or coding, the right music can be creative fuel. Let's give a listen to five music experiences that balance intrigue and flow.

Mike Martens
Apr 13, 2021 Work + Life
6 Ways Design Agencies Can Get New Clients

Bringing in a consistent pipeline of new clients can feel tough for design agencies.

Mike Martens
Illustration of a giant light bulb in a scientific lab
Mar 24, 2021 Work + Life
Creative Technologists: Driving Projects Into the Future

Often described as “mad scientists”, creative technologists guide ambitious creative projects through twists and turns.

Mike Martens