Mike Martens

Mike Martens makes words happen for Media Temple’s UX and Creative teams. Over the past decade, he’s crafted copy across every medium for a lengthy list of iconic brands. Meanwhile, he's photographically documented Creative Morning speakers and The Moth storytellers, plus designed weird roleplaying games.

Posts By Mike

Illustration of a magnifying glass revealing a hacker on a laptop screen.
Feb 26, 2021 Web Development + Tech
Why and How to Install WPScan for WordPress Security

With the great power of WordPress comes great responsibility. Let's look into how WPScan gives a hackers-eye view of your site's security.

Mike Martens
An illustration of a laptop with 3D shapes representing different aspects of building a WordPress site (graphs, gears, a shield, and a cup of coffee)
Feb 25, 2021 Media Temple Updates
The New & Improved Managed WordPress

Delivering speed and ease for your next WordPress project, we’ve launched a new version of our Managed WordPress hosting solution.

Mike Martens
An illustration of a desk space with a windowed computer screen
Feb 20, 2021 Design + Creative
A Big List of Must-Bookmark Sites for Digital Designers

Stop depending on algorithms and doom scrolling to keep you looped in on the world of web design.

Mike Martens