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Chris is a web designer and developer. He writes about all things web at CSS-Tricks, talks about all things web at conferences around the world and on his podcast ShopTalk, and co-founded the web coding playground CodePen.

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Dec 6, 2018 Web Development + Tech
How To Clear The Cache in Chrome

“Caching” is when, rather than fetching a new copy of an asset like an image, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript file from the internet, the browser uses a copy it has already saved.

Chris Coyier
Oct 31, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Getting First and Last Items in Array (and splitting all the rest)

I needed to get the first item from an array lately in JavaScript. Hmmmm … lemme think here. I remember that <span class="c5">.pop()</span> is for snagging the last item from the array, like this: <span class="c3">const arr = ["This", "Little", "Piggy"]; </span><span class="c3">const first = arr.pop(); </span><span class="c3">console.log(first); </span><span class="c3">// "Piggy"</span> So what’s the opposite of .pop()? (Please pause for light web searching…) Ah ha!

Chris Coyier
Sep 27, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Quick Tip: Debug iOS Safari on a True Local Emulator (or your actual iPhone/iPad)

I’m sure plenty of folks know this, but like literally anything else in the world, plenty of folks don’t.

Chris Coyier
Aug 28, 2018 Web Development + Tech
The Low Hanging Fruit of Web Performance

There is so much to know about making websites fast. It’s rather incredible.

Chris Coyier
Jul 19, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Teaching Your Clients How to Use The Website You Built Them

So you’ve built your clients a website! That’s awesome.

Chris Coyier
Jun 21, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Writing Good Support Requests

I bet we’ve all had to write up a support ticket for a product or service we use.

Chris Coyier
May 21, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Browser Extensions I Actually Use

I’m a web developer and blogger. These are the browser extensions that I actually use right now.

Chris Coyier
Apr 23, 2018 Web Development + Tech
Practical Jokes in the Browser

I know April Fool’s Day is at the beginning of this month, but hey, now you’ve got a year to prepare.

Chris Coyier
Mar 27, 2018 Design + Creative
Browser-Based SVG Editors

One of the coolest things about SVG is that, despite all the powerful stuff it can do, it’s still readable code.

Chris Coyier
Feb 22, 2018 Design + Creative
Design Microsites

It’s been an interesting trend the last few years to start seeing companies be very vocal about how much the value design.

Chris Coyier
Jan 24, 2018 Design + Creative
Bend Any Website's CSS To Your Will with Stylish or Stylebot

CSS is the language that styles websites. It controls the colors, the layout, the fonts… pretty much everything concerned with the look of the site.

Chris Coyier
Dec 19, 2017 Design + Creative
The Physical Web Sure is Interesting

I was sitting around in the lobby of a hotel at An Event Apart show with Jeremey Keith one time.

Chris Coyier
Nov 29, 2017 Design + Creative
A Big List of Typography Books

The holidays are coming! I don’t know about y’all, but my family always tells me I’m so hard to buy for.

Chris Coyier
Oct 26, 2017 Design + Creative
The All-Powerful Sketch

Looking back on the last decade of screen UI design tooling, it sort of feels like this is how it went: Adobe rules over this kingdom with Photoshop and Illustrator, along comes Sketch, Sketch takes massive bite out of the market and designers rejoice.

Chris Coyier
Sep 27, 2017 Web Development + Tech
Using DevTools to Sidestep Obnoxious Websites

Modern browser DevTools, besides being gosh-darned amazing for doing our jobs as front end web developers, can be used to strong arm our way through problems we encounter on the web through our day-to-day normal usage of it.

Chris Coyier
Aug 24, 2017 Web Development + Tech
Options for Live Streaming Video

Live video is a big thing these days. You can go live on YouTube.

Chris Coyier